Occupational First Aid Level 1 職業急救課程第一級

Occupation First Aid Level 1 is recognized by WorkSafeBC, where one who certified can demonstrate first aid at their workplace. Starting from September 1st, 2018, Occupational First Aid Level 1 is equivalent to Standard First Aid and Emergency First Aid.



8 hours

16 hours

Course Fee

$150 / 16 hours

$130 group rate **


$90 / 8 hours

$80 group rate **

**Please contact us for more detail


Fee does not Included First Aid Handbook. Handbook may purchase on the first day of class with the cost of $10.


Class Size and Entry Requirement

Class Size: 6 to 12 candidates per class

Entry Requirement: Aged 15 or above


Instructor: First Aid Lecturer of Canadian Red Cross

Medium of Instruction: English, Cantonese or Mandarin

Course Content

• Basic Life Support

• 8 hours – Emergency First Aid


• 16 hours – Standard First Aid

* The information provided by the CCM of Canada on this Website is for general information only. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information on this Website is accurate, CCM of Canada expressly disclaims liability for errors or omissions in such information and materials.


• Be able to demonstrate skills and critical steps

• Minimum 75% required for written evaluation

• 100% attendence and course participation rate


• Certification in Standard First Aid and CPR-C / AED or Certification in Emergency First Aid and CPR-C  (Valid for 3 Years)

• About 2 weeks after the completion of examination, Canadian Red Cross will email to the student to notify the detail about online certificate collection

• Certificate Renewal for Standard First Aid: Before the expiry date of the certificate, participants can attend a 8 hours of Re-certification Course and pass the examinations to renew their certificates with 3 years validity. The cost of Re-certification Course is $80 per person. Please contact us if you are interested.

• Certificate Renewal for Emergency First Aid: Before the expiry date of the certificate, participants will need to retake the course to renew their certificates with 3 years validity.



• Arrive 15 minutes early, along with a photo ID to review registration information. If you are 15 minutes late to the class, you will need to reschedule the class with CCM

• Bring pen and paper for taking notes. There is a handbook available to lend/buy for $10 ($10 deposit if lending)

• Bring a mat (ex yoga mat) to put on the ground, as some exercise requires kneeling and lying on the floor

• Wear something comfortable and appropriate – no loose tops for girls

• Lunch and dinner time is limited. Please bring or purchase your food and water before class

• Richmond parking pass is $5. Let us know 2-days in advance if a parking pass is required. Burnaby parking payments can be made through the machines in the parking lot.


8 小時

16 小時



$130 團體價 **

$90 / 8小時

$80 團體價 **





學員人數: 每班 6-12

報讀資格: 年滿15歲或以上人士



授課語言: 廣東話、普通話或英語


• 基本生命支援

• 8小時 – 基本急救課程內容

• 16小時 -標準急救証書課程內容



• 技術認證

• 書寫測驗得分最少75%

• 100%出席及參與課程


• 紅十字會認可及發出的標準急救證書及CPR-C/AED或基本急救認證及CPR-C (證書有效期為3年)

• 考試後合格約兩個星期,加拿大紅十字會將以電郵通知學員於網上領取及自行打印課程證書之有關安排

•  標準急救證書續期:在證書逾期前,學員可報讀8小時的急救證書更新認證課程,並須通過考試,才再取得3年有效之急救證書。更新認證課程費用每人$80。如有興趣,請聯絡我們。

•  基本急救證書續期:在證書逾期前,學員需重新報讀急救證書課程才再取得3年有效之急救證書。



• 務必準時,請於課堂開始前15分鐘到達,並攜帶有相片的身份證件核對個人資料是否正確。如果遲到15分鐘,則需跟中信中心重新安排課程。

• 自備紙和筆。可提供急救手冊給學員購買或借用(購買費用和租借按金均為十元正。如手冊有任何劃花或毀壞,按金將不會歸還)。

• 需要攜帶瑜珈墊,因為一些動作需要跪著或者躺在地上。

• 穿著以方便及舒適為主,女士不要穿著太鬆身的衣服。

• 午餐或晚餐時間較為緊逼,請自備水及食物。

• 列治文公眾市場的停車收費為每天五元正(須於上課前2天通知我們購買泊車証),本拿比麗晶廣場只需在停車場自行購買停車票。

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